Audism In the Autistic Community

What is Audism?

Audism is  is a term used to describe a negative attitude toward Deaf or hard of hearing people. It is typically thought of as a form of discrimination, prejudice, or a general lack of willingness to accommodate those who cannot hear.

The Autistic Community

As a Hard of Hearing (who was born Deaf) Autistic adult, I am caught between two different disability communities. I am part of the Deaf community and the Autistic Community. Both communities are against cure culture. Both communities do not want others to speak over them. I see a lot of hearing autistic people speaking over D/deaf or Heard of Hearing autistic people when it comes to D/deaf culture issues.

Today, I was in an unnamed group. This is not the first time I came across this. There was this post:
a Tumblr post (I think) with a pic of a baby and as caption “A deaf baby hears for the first time. Thousands of hours of patient experimentation went into this. Science is glory”. A response says “accurate headline: hearing parent doesn’t know how to deal with deaf baby and decides their life for them without their knowledge or consent”

To someone outside the D/deaf community, this seems like a very sweet thing. A baby hearing something after being fitted for a hearing aid. This is giving something to a baby that they did not have before. Think about it for a second. How do you feel when a martyr parent gets excited when an autistic child gives eye contact for the first time? Not as sweet, is it? Its very much inspiration porn and its erasure of autistic Culture. Shouldn’t D/deaf have the same consideration?
One hearing autistic told me to fuck off after I compared it to ABA. As I went through a traumatic experience with ABA, I feel I have a right to make that comparison.
Img discription: you want to fuck right off with that ABA comparison? Being abusive to force children into acting like you want is very different from making a working around for a physical impairment.
This answer is not uncommon. When we as an autistic community do not want to be talked over, it happens quite often to D/deaf or Hard of Hearing folx that are part of our community.

The Deaf Community has a rich culture.

D/deaf people who identify with the community and culture do not view themselves as disabled. They are a different culture. When they have Deaf children, the community is overjoyed. There is a language, customs, etiquette, etc. The Deaf Community fosters the feeling of belonging somewhere instead of just being different to their hearing peers.
We are the only disability community with our own language. ASL isn’t signed English. It is a whole different language. It has its own set of rules. A lot of the signs are paired with a particular facial expression and there is ASL syntax. Syntax is sign order. It is not a signed version of English. If you want to think about how Yoda speaks, that is similar to ASL syntax.
Speaking of ASL, a Deaf person can only give a hearing person a name sign. A hearing person cannot give it to themselves. If they do, its cultural appropriation.
The food of the Deaf culture is normally something cold. This is because when people are conversing, the food can get cold and people would not want to eat it.
There are Deaf festivals. One example is at Mill Neck Manor in Oyster Bay, NY there is an Apple festival. They turn the school grounds into a farm. They have booths, different apples, games, hay rides, etc. Its an experience like none other.

Cochlear Implants

On this post, some people, including myself, brought cochlear implants into the conversation. It is not talked about enough. It erases Deaf culture. Autistic people want acceptance. Why can’t D/deaf people have acceptance? In most cases, a child has the CI surgery done without consent. The parent thinks they are doing the right thing. Parents in some cases do this so they do not have to learn ASL (I’m in the United States so its ASL for me).  This is cure culture. Why can’t Deaf people want the same acceptance as autistic people?
What are the risk of Cochlear Implant surgery?
  • Bleeding
  • Swelling
  • Infection in the area of the implant
  • Ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
  • Dizziness or vertigo
  • Numbness around the ear
  • Changes in taste
  • Dry mouth
  • Injury to the facial nerve, which can cause movement problems in the face
  • Leakage of spinal fluid
  • Infection of the membrane that covers the brain (meningitis)
  • Risks of general anesthesia
  • Need to have the implant removed because of an infection
What happens during the surgery?
  • The surgeon makes a cut behind the ear and then opens the mastoid bone.
  • The surgeon identifies the facial nerves and creates an opening between them to access the cochlea, which is then opened. He or she inserts the implant electrodes into the cochlea.
  • The surgeon places an electronic device called the receiver under the skin behind the ear, securing it to the skull in this area.
  • The incisions are then closed, and you will be moved into the recovery area and watched closely.
  • You will be discharged after at least two hours of observation.
Is all this really worth fixing your child instead of embracing them and learning a method of communication that is best for them?


Am I hating on the autistic community? No, I love the autistic community. The community just needs to show the D/deaf and Hard of Hearing members of the community the same consideration as the hearing members of the community. 

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