Assistance Programs

Community Action Partnership or CAP is a government agency that is placed in every region in the United States. The services they offer are rental assistance, utility assistance (LIHEAP which pays for water, electricity or fuel), job training, and other services. I use them from time to time. You can’t get service every month but when there are emergencies, they are really helpful.
Affordable Connectivity Program is Life Line Assistance. It is a discount for your communication bill due to income. You can only have one type of lifeline assistance per household. You can have it on mobile phones, there are even free ones. This is what we have. I have AT&T fiber optic service. Originally if would have been $85 per month with taxes. I pay $40 per month. This is enough bandwidth for my whole family to do everything we need to do. Remember we have 9 people on our internet connection. Potato isn’t old enough yet. If you use it on your internet and not your mobile phone, you will save more money. If you only have a phone, lifeline on a phone line to get it free would be better for you.
Public assistance includes SNAP (food stamps), TANF (cash assistance), Medicaid and CHIP (children health insurance program). It is administered by your local county DSS, DCF, DCFS, DCYS or whatever your locality calls it. Linked is more information about Government Benefits.
WIC or Women Infants and Children is a supplemental food assistance program. It utilizes either a check or an EBT (electronic benefits transfer) card. It covers baby formula if not breast/chest feeding. If you are, it covers supplemental food like milk, tuna, fruits and vegetables, etc. It supplies supplemental food for pregnant people and children 1 and over. Almost all my kids have gone through this program. Just be forewarned, the nutritionists think they know everything and I just smiled and nodded to make the appointments go by faster.
Social Security Administration offers Social Security Disability Insurance for those who have worked and can no longer anymore due to being disabled. They also offer Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI) for those who were never able to work. SSI is also for disabled children to assist parents in taking care of their disabled children. SSI comes with medicaid. SSDI comes with Medicare. Inmost cases you can apply online. The only case is with children. You can call your local SSA office and schedule a phone interview.
HUD is a federal program that is administered by the individual states and counties. It gives subsidized rentals for income qualified families. That is called section 8. It could be in pubic housing or by private landlords. Depends on the preference of the individual. They also offer assistance in first time home buyers. They must have a Preapproval with a lender but they help with down payment assistance, financial counseling, etc.