Quack Exposed: Dianne Jacobs Thompson

Dianne Jacobs Thompson was a substitute teacher at Sunny Side School District in Washington state. When she wasn't teaching, she was promoting MMS use on children. This was in a secret group on Facebook called Autism Through Their Eyes. Who would want someone like this teaching children, even as a substitute? Dear @sunnysidesd you have … Continue reading Quack Exposed: Dianne Jacobs Thompson

"Autism Parents" Would Learn A Lot from Jackson Galaxy

The majority of "autism parents" I run into want to fix their autistic child with ABA or having them mask. This is usually achieved by operant conditioning, positive/negative reinforcement, etc. As an autistic veterinary technologist, I noticed that Jackson Galaxy from "My Cat From Hell" has a different approach when he works with cats and … Continue reading "Autism Parents" Would Learn A Lot from Jackson Galaxy