Quack Exposed: Dianne Jacobs Thompson

Dianne Jacobs Thompson was a substitute teacher at Sunny Side School District in Washington state. When she wasn’t teaching, she was promoting MMS use on children. This was in a secret group on Facebook called Autism Through Their Eyes. Who would want someone like this teaching children, even as a substitute?

After these tweets, Dianne did some research into Emma and did not like what she saw. These exchanges were with Dianne and Emma but Dianne did not know it was Emma. Emma is really good at what she does.


After activists contacted the school district, they decided to do an investigation into this teacher. She was reported to the group and the group removed her.

Dianne thought she was untouchable    :

tu 57% 12:14 am All Mentions Epop liked your Tweet Please investigate @washingtonpost @sunnysidesd twitter.com/ lindsaymohler/... Dianne Thompson @djt10 · 39s Replying to @EDalmayne and @sunnysidesd Sorry dear, but as one of the only subs, & a disabled one, who willingly works with the severely disabled autistic children--they know I love those kids & no one is going to ban me from classes that ask for me specifically. You viciously attack autistic families seeking treatment Never going to give SEU Up Paul Morgan liked your reply Keep it coming Di its all being re + ?? 3 Q
After an investigation, her twitter was suspended.
This will not be the last we hear from her.

Poisoning Cats too

As I am a veterinary technologist, I was tagged in on this. Cats internal organ systems are very sensitive. Dosing a cat or kitten with MMS will do MORE damage than if it was done to a human child. The human child suffers from it, imagine what it will do to a cat.
She claims MMS cured distemper in a mother cat and her kittens. She has no idea what distemper is.

What is Feline Distemper?

Feline distemper, otherwise known as feline panleukopenia, is a highly contagious viral infection cause by the feline parvovirus. It his the leading cause in death in cats. It is an uncommon disease because it is easily prevented with a vaccine.
This virus kills cells that rapidly grow and divide. Examples of these cells are bone marrow intestines and a developing fetus. This damage leads to a shortage of white blood cells and red blood cells. The average litter size for a cat is 5, so each of the growing fetuses can be effected at the same. time.
The signs of this disease can vary and might be similar to other feline illnesses such as salmonella, campylobacter infection, pancreatitis, feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), or feline leukemia (FeLV). Some cats present the same way other cats do when they injest poison or has a foreign body in their GI tract.
It is spread through urine, stool and nasal secretions. Infection happens when susceptible cats come in contact with these secretions, even a flea that bit an infected cat. Keep in mind, a vaccinated cat can have a false positive test 5-10 days after vaccination.
It is unlikely that kittens younger than 8 weeks survive. Older cats do have a good chance of survival if appropriate treatment provided early. There are no medications that can kill the virus. Supportive care is normally done. Supportive care is treating the symptoms that the cat would be presenting with. This is done with medication for the symptoms and IV fluids. If a cat is on an IV, more times than not they would be sedated. Without supportive care, 90% of the cats with distemper will die. The treatment focuses on correcting dehydration, provides nutrients and prevents secondary infection. The antibiotics don’t kill the virus but they do prevent any secondary infection because distemper does make the cat suseptible to bacterial infections. If the cat survives for 5 day, the chances of survival is high. Some recovered cats can shed the virus in still and urine for up to 6 weeks.

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